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Guru Geethaya Sinhala Film 36 (April-2022)




guru geethaya film 36 guru geethaya 36 guru geethaya sinhala Sinhala: සිංහල ග්‍රාච්‍තිය ගිසිල්ලා [Sinhala: ගිසිල්ලා ග්‍රාච්‍තිය ගිත්තේ] (pronounced as Gugaray Gaethaya) is a 2017 Sri Lankan Sinhala horror-fantasy film directed by Jayalal Pathirana and produced by Nishantha D. Amaradeva for Shanthi Film Company.It stars Chandralekha and Liya Premathilake. Plot A woman named Vidya, returns from Canada with her father, has grown up to become an adult. She is the eldest in the family of her siblings. They are struggling to survive in a home, having lost the two brothers already. She had lost her mother a year back. Her father was a strict man but was a good man as well. One night, Vidya's father got into an accident and the injuries were heavy. From that night, Vidya had been suffering from nightmares. She was unable to sleep properly. She always had an unfulfilled desire to find a home. Vidya then comes into contact with a young man named Deepak who had been saved by her father and brought up in a go-down. Deepak is a very practical man, he loves his country and the people of his country. He firmly believes that he was always destined to bring peace and prosperity to his country. Deepak has a fair idea about what fate is holding for Vidya. However, he has no idea about why she is so sad. Deepak has sympathy for Vidya and wanted to help her. Vidya then meets another man named Deepak who is a rich businessman. Deepak had been making their life a hell. He made all




Guru Geethaya Sinhala Film 36 (April-2022)

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